Minecraft End Poem – A narration

Hello. I’m alive (just very tired).

Aaaanyway I made a thing.

I know I’m years late to the party, but I finished The End in Minecraft some time ago, and was reduced into a puddle of tears by the End Poem. I liked it so much that I got it into my head that I wanted to narrate it. Eh. xDDD

So I made this thing because who knew this game can be such a source of affirmation? Video editing and narration are amateur af but here you go lol. I’ll try to do better next time (if there’s a next time) =)))



REQUEST: MtG Drake Tokens

Magic the Gathering MtG Drake Tokens

Long ago, back when I was still pretending that I understood MtG (I tried, guys. I really tried…), I had an Orzhov deck.

That thing generated ghost and bat tokens like crazy if left unchecked, which was pretty fun when I actually got it to work haha.

Anyway, being a terible player AND being broke af, someone eventually told me that I could just make my own tokens since they were just 1/1 things anyway. I found out that you could even use coins or rocks as tokens so… yay? xDDD

I scrounged up some spare card sleeves, post-its, and a marker, and drew some potato-looking ghosts and bats. They were pretty cute, though. 😀

Anyway, fast forward to 2018, and I’ve accepted that I’m not an MtG-playing kind of person, but I’m still drawing potato-looking everythings, haha.

A friend of mine who is a REALLY into Magic: the Gathering, then asked me to make a custom Drake token for him recently, aaaaand this was the result lol.

I wasn’t sure which border he’d like so I made both. I am quite fond of this derpdrake now. ❤

K Meets (and spazzes out over): Overwatch Voice Actors (lots of pics! With videos!)

Overwatch Voice Actors, Comiccon Asia 2018


Finally got around to posting these lol xDDD

So yeah. My husband and I went to CCA 2018 on March 25 to see the Overwatch VAs who happened to be in town, and through some preparation and a TON OF PURE DUMB LUCK, we had an AMAZING TIME. xDDD

(Note: I’m just talking about the OW bits here. The event itself is a different story which we won’t talk about here lmao)

I hope you’re ready for a whole bunch of stories!! And text! And photos! And some videos! And LOTS AND LOTS OF ME SPAZZING OUT! 8D

STORY TIME 1: Rush Gift Artwork

Our passes and tickets were for March 25. March 24 at 1am i get this BRILLIANT IDEA to make tribute fanart for the OW guys. HAHAHA WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF??

ANYWAY so I practically murder myself the entirety of Saturday to finish the artwork and have it printed out, all as I was watching my Facebook feed for CCA updates.

So yeah, I was seeing how terrible the lines were as I was desperately drawing, and a part of me was wondering if we should go at all. And then I remembered I already paid for it so OKAY WE GOTTA GO.

8pm Saturday, managed to catch the print shop before it closed and got my drawing printed on A4.

Hooray. Small victories.

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Overwatch Voice Actors in Manila, and I’M FREAKING OUT!

Overwatch Symmetra Sombra Pharah Zenyatta traditional filipino costume comiccon asia 2018
Click image to embiggen!


For the curious, here are the drawing details:

  • Sombra is wearing a Baro’t Saya with a Panuelo and Tapis, and is holding typical streetfood/snacks-on-sticks haha. It’s called “kwek-kwek” (orange-battered and deep fried hardboiled quail eggs) and “bananacue” (fried plantains with caramelized sugar).
  • Zen is wearing a “katipunero” outfit, and sipping juice out of a fresh, opened coconut (if omnics could drink??).
  • Pharah is in a not-the-usual-red Ifugao outfit, and is holding sunflowers and wearing a traditional feathered headress.
  • Symmetra is dressed as a Maranao princess, dancing the singkil. She is also materializing a “sarimanok” or Bird of Happiness from myths (aka, “lucky chicken” lol).

So I learned some time ago that Comiccon Asia 2018 was happening… AND they’re having FOUR Overwatch Voice Actors showing up as guests. ❤ ❤ ❤


I bought tickets for autographs and photo ops with Sym’s and Sombra’s VAs despite us still kind of recovering from a massive vet bill recently (which is another long story), and my husband didn’t divorce me, so that’s good haha. I really hoped to get tickets to see everyone because who knows when they’ll be able to come back to this country — or if they’d want to — but two is the best we could do. Was also hoping to get a ticket for Zen’s VA for the husband, but it was a no go. 😦 Thankfully, hubby is cool with it, but still…  CURSE MY THIN WALLET. T__T;;

Anyway…. Soooooooo…. I bought passes for their March 25 appearance, and I suddenly got it into my head last night (at 1am saturday March 24… whyyyyyyyy…) to make a small tribute artwork for said OW VAs. And this is the result. Herp.

I don’t think I have EVER worked so fast in my life. I was even able to rush to the print shop to have it printed on A4 paper, so yay!

I’m looking forward to giving copies to Sym and Sombra… but yeah. I still don’t know how I’m supposed to hand it over to Pharah and Zen. Hopefully there’s a designated gift table, or maybe I can beg a staff member to hand it to them. I’m crossing my fingers. >__<;;;

Anyway, I copied default poses and drew Zen, Sombra, Pharah (sorry I know I can’t draw hands or feet ;w; ) in some stylized regional traditional costumes. I know I took some liberties in there, and I also know I may have gotten some of pharah’s tattoo symbolisms wrong herp pls don’t lynch me, history enthusiasts… T__T;;

In the meantime, we plan to line up early tomorrow to get our entry badges so maybe I should actually get some sleep haha

I rarely leave my cave, but I’m doing it today for the Cats Of BGC

Cats Of BGC

I know this is supposed to be an art blog, but this is also, ultimately, MY BLOG, so… yeah sorry. Just deal with it for a while.

Okay. As the title of this post suggests, I rarely post nowadays. Life just simply happened, and I’ve been busy, I’ve been lazy, etc etc.

However, today I am sad and VERY ANGRY.

This is gonna be a long, unapologetic read, so buckle up.

[[ The TL;DR Version ]]

Recently (on Valentine’s Day, to be precise), Shangri-La at the Fort decided to call a pest control company called PetBusters Philippines to perform a service for them.

It wasn’t to get rid of bugs… or roaches… or mosquitoes… or even rats…

No, it was to get rid of CATS.

To be specific, they made the Cats of BGC disappear practically within a few hours in the dead of night, and as of this writing, no one knows what became of those cats. I will get into detail about this later on, but know that this qualifies as an act of animal cruelty.

Meanwhile, since this whole thing started, they have committed many serious errors in judgement that have so far only been making it worse… mostly for themselves. Instead of facing the music, they have acted like cowards, lied to the public, and harassed everyone who has been calling them out. And this has only made me and many people like me, angrier and angrier.

This is why I’m here today. To commit this to my and the internet’s memory. Waybackmachine and Google Cached Pages, COME ON OVER.

[[ Shangri-La at the Fort, and the Disappearance of the Cats of BGC ]]

First, let me tell you about the Cats of BGC.

The Facebook group itself is basically a bunch of animal-lovers who hang around the BGC area. Using their own time and resources, and paying for everything out of their own pockets, they have set about looking after the local homeless cat population.

As stated in their manifesto, their aim is “To give better lives to the Cats of BGC by making them suitable for adoption through TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate & Return) programs, as well as finding their FURever homes.”

They have accomplished so much. They have been conducting successful TNR (trap, neuter, return), feeding, and vaccination programs. They have set up feeding stations, faithfully replenishing them to make sure that the cats stay fed and healthy (there are literally food and water bowls there for the cats). If one of the cats in the colony was sick, they would take them to the vet, and release them back into the area once it was well again.

Most importantly, these people worked hard to tame these once-feral cats, to the point when the cats would come when called… by name. They got these homeless, scared animals to trust humans again.

In short, all of the cats that the Cats of BGC group looked after were HIGHLY-ADOPTABLE AND WERE CANDIDATES FOR REHOMING. In fact, the members are always actively looking for adopters or foster homes.

And then the saddest Valentines Eve happened.

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No touch!

We said don't press it

Hello. I’m actually still alive hahaha herp.

As usual, I have badly-maintained blogs that I just prod to life from time to time. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, here’s a comic my husband requested from me quite a while ago, which I finally got around to making lol. … I hope I got it right haha.

(Disclaimer: I am not a Warhammer fan, so I’m sorry for the liberties I’ve taken with the drawing herp xDDD)