Happy 2014!

2013 was the year that I tasted love in so many different flavors, and what a feast it was! It wasn’t always perfect, but each helping has helped me to be a better person, and most of all, it helped me make peace with myself.

Along the way, I also ran into things such as truth, joy, courage, and inspiration. The journey wasn’t all smooth sailing, but I can honestly say that it was all so very worth it.

It’s been crazy fun, 2013! Thank you for everything! I wouldn’t change a thing! ♥♥♥

Here’s to another year full of adventures! 8D


Dovakhiin’s Diary ♥

I’ve been watching both Davide and Ian play Skyrim these days, and recently, I pointed out to D how I found it funny that the entries in the quest log are written in the first person.

I made this drawing to illustrate exactly how my brain interpreted the first-person-ness.

Nutrition Fascists YEAH

Because in the middle of our Christmas dinner, Davide looks up from his plate, sees the bottle of parmesan cheese sitting in front of him, and declares, “Okay. I just misread ‘nutrition facts’ as ‘nutrition fascists’.”

The topic was then discussed in detail over the next half hour.


Thranduil’s Christmas greeting 2013


LOL Just a quick Christmas greeting from ANOTHER Christmas elf, LOL

Can’t think of clever things to say, so HAPPY HOLIDAYS, HAVE FUN, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, AND DON’T BE A DICK. 8D


JGL as the Sandman

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So. Lots of talk re: Sandman and JGL.


Sandman is very close to my heart, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T BREAK MY FANGIRL FEELINGS T__T

(yes, this is a photoshop hackjob)

Wedding Manga for JR and Akie ♥

[Commission] Wedding Manga by ksolaris

Made a manga for a friend’s wedding that shows how she and her hubby first met and got together. Fun commission! ^_^

Click on the pic to view the full mini-manga in PDF. 😀