Tea Time with Coco and Amelie

amelie Poulain coco chanel Audrey Tautou tea crossover fanart


So for the past few days, the opening notes to La Valse D’Amelie has been looping in my head at almost every quiet moment. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain is one of my all-time favorite feel-good movies, so I thought I’d make a doodle on that today. As I was checking online for reference pics, I ended up spotting another title under Audrey Tautou’s name, Coco Avant Chanel. Curious, I immediately found a copy to watch.

And as a result, we get Coco and Amelie having a nice chat over warm cups of tea and cookies, LOL.

I just found it really amusing that Tautou played both characters so well, and yet at the same time they sort of bleed into each other because Tautou’s gorgeous eyes are on both Coco and Amelie. The downside to this is that while I was watching Coco Avant Chanel, my brain was asking, “Man, why is Amelie smoking…?” XDDD

Anyway, quote used in the doodle is attributed to Coco Chanel.

Good night. ^_^

Credits for Images Used: Brown Paper Texture | Crochet Pattern | Tweed Texture


2 thoughts on “Tea Time with Coco and Amelie

    • Haha yeah, I realized after a while that the actress herself smokes, too. I guess my brain was just confused because it kept referring back to “Amelie” instead of “Audrey” =)))))

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