Random Doodle: Wrong valley, girl…

manila female social climber valley girl street food fishball konyo fake betamax


LOL Feeling a little under the weather today… and I’m not sure if the fact that I blame the crazy weather  these past few days will now officially turn that into a literal statement. So yeah, I don’t really have much energy right now.

Anyway, today’s doodle is a depiction of something I encountered this afternoon on the way to the convenience store to pick up some supplies. This obviously-Filipina lady was talking obnoxiously/loudly to her friend, in this fake valley girl accent, complaining about how hot it is in Manila, unlike so-and-so city she’s supposedly been to. How I wish I could say that this was some sort of funny act she was putting up for her friend. All this was happening while the two of them were standing in front of a fishball cart, sipping soda in little plastic bags through flimsy plastic straws.

I was annoyed (I was already not in a good mood to begin with, since I was kinda sick), but I wanted to laugh right then and there and let her know how it was so hard to take her seriously while she was hungrily munching on a piece of betamax. It just seemed so surreal, you know?

Going back, after naming as many cities as she could in one breath, her friend suggested that they duck inside a nearby coffee shop since it had air-conditioning. What came next was a litany of reasons on why Little Miss Jetsetter couldn’t have coffee at that place, which basically boiled down to “I have no money.”

THEN, I laughed. I dunno if this was just extra-funny because I was already loopy to start with. But yeah. Affectations. Gotta love ’em.



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