Let’s Play! Banished (by Shining Rock Software)

banished shining rock software steam video game comic reaction


So my fiance introduced me to the game Banished, a creation courtesy of the guys guy over at Shining Rock Software. First of all, I should mention that I’m an FPS and/or RPG type of gal. Gimme my Counterstrike or Half-Life, my Bioshock, or my Final Fantasy XII anytime. However (though perhaps with the exception of Starcraft, and probably only because I got a very early start), give me something that requires macro and micromanagement, like Sim City, or Civilization, and I wouldn’t last fifteen minutes. I’d just stop, either because my virtual city/sims/household is on fire, or I just simply get too frustrated or bored, and I walk away.

This is why when he told me about this game, my enthusiasm wasn’t exactly THERE. So lo and behold, when he plugged in his laptop to the TV and started playing, something within me just stirred (and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t hunger, since we just had dinner). There was something about watching a bunch of poor, homeless settlers out in the wilderness that got to me. At the same time, my training in town planning and logistics kicked into high gear, and before I knew it, I was trying to figure out proper placements and build orders, and once again, barking out instructions at the person actually sitting in front of the screen. Before I knew it, I was Googling up strategy guides and FAQs on my phone, because these people NEEDED someone to help them. Before I knew it, I decided that I needed the game for myself, from now on.

… and that was how I got nothing done today. 8D



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