Origin of all that is good and mother to us all

okami amaterasu kabegami wakka dog cat celestial brush capcom clover


“Shine your divine light upon this broken and polluted world.”

– Sakuya

Sorry for the late post. I fell asleep, haha (yes, I totally got up at 2am for y’all!). XDD

Today’s post is inspired by… a blackout. Hehe. Yeah, we sort of had a 10-hour blackout today, no thanks to a nearby transformer overloading and frying. Thankfully, even though we didn’t have power in our condo unit itself, the hallways and common areas had light and working sockets. So we grabbed our handy-dandy ten meter extension cord, plugged it into the hallway socket, then plugged in our router and laptops to THAT. =))) It was weird, being on our laptops and surfing for stuff online… in candlelight. :p

So yeah, it was during this romantic, candlelit time that I thought about doing some paper cut outs and setting them near a light source. I know it’s been a popular meme, but I’ve never really tried it out before, so I thought I’d give it a spin. I used a brush pen, a wet paintbrush, a highlighter, and an orange Copic.

I chose Waka, Amaterasu, and Kabegami, because a.) Okami is one of my FAVORITEST GAMES EVAR (no, seriously… this game has a very special place in my heart, since the moment I finished it on my old PS2. Even after all these years, it still brings me tremendous joy, just thinking about it); b.) I was surprised at how I HAD NOTHING TO DO during the blackout and before we figured out the whole extension cord solution, which got me thinking about how people back in the very old days spent their quiet evenings; c.) I just really, really miss this game.

In any case, I enjoyed today’s project and I’m half-tempted to populate our home with little cut-out characters all over the place. We’ll see how it goes. =)))

In the meantime, I couldn’t decide which shots I liked best, so here’s a few more pics. XDDD (Sorry, I only have my phone camera, and my hands were shaky. ;w; )

okami amaterasu kabegami wakka dog cat celestial brush capcom clover

okami amaterasu kabegami wakka dog cat celestial brush capcom clover


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