Let’s Play! Elder Scrolls Online (Beta)… Oh, and a birthday greeting. :D

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Late post today because it has been a long, busy (but fun and productive) day. It’s 3am here, BUT WHO NEEDS SLEEP? HAHAHAH herp. oTL

So yeah, I’ve been posting lately that I’ve been on the Elder Scrolls Online beta, but I haven’t exactly made a doodle about it, so here it is. It’s my fiance (Breton sorcerer) and me (Khajiit templar) discussing our faction choices. Because clearly, priorities. :3 And yes, the picture shows my approximation of decent class/race gear, hahaha. XDD

I’ll also take this opportunity to greet him a very happy birthday. ^__^

Love you. ❤



8 thoughts on “Let’s Play! Elder Scrolls Online (Beta)… Oh, and a birthday greeting. :D

    • But… but… I can be a cat. T__T (LOL and at the time I rolled a toon, I didn’t know you could switch factions. I thought you needed a token for that. XDD … and nobody else was a cat, so….)

      • Stay with us in the Dominion…your biological distinctiveness will be added to our own! See you in game. Incidentally, if you’ve pre-ordered from basically any source, you should be receiving the Explorer’s Pack which will let you play any race in any alliance come March 30 or April 1.

      • Hahaha! Yup, see you in game! In the meantime, I’m kinda hoping that the Explorer’s Pack will be available as an add-on down the line, because I’m not able to pre-order right now (I need to save up for a bunch of other stuff at the moment, so yeah… T__T)

        Still… I like Razum-Dar enough to make my Dominion-ism enjoyable, I think. =)))

  1. It’s funny when people say “nazi elves” because the First Aldmeri Dominion, in other words the one in ESO, is actually nothing like their later revivals. While it’s true that the Second and Third iterations of the Dominion either forced or tricked both the Bosmer and the Khajiit into allying with them, the First Dominion was simply an alliance of the more traditional sort: necessity. The Second Dominion was by and large a power grab in the midst of a chaotic period in Imperial history, just prior to Tiber Septim’s rise which would kick the resurgent Thalmor down a few notches. The crazy torture-happy anti-human Thalmor of the Fourth Era (which is to say, TES V: Skyrim) didn’t come along for over a millenium after ESO’s time period!

    Hello from Reddit!

    • Hello, my good redditor! 😀

      LOL very informative! And yeah, I can see that THIS dominion is actually pretty nice. It’s just that my fiance loves playing Breton, while I just really wanted the cat ears. =))) #priorities #doingItWrong

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