Random Doodle: Coloring practice

coloring practice process digital painting Sam Nielson occlusion Art Center


LOL taking a break from the recent barrage of fanart, and taking some time to try to learn stuff, which is one of the reasons why I put up this blog. =))

Anyway, a friend has recently pointed me to an article containing the simplified step-by-step process of how the wonderful Sam Nielson does his coloring. As with all how-tos, recipes, and instruction manuals (hello, assembly-required furniture, I’m looking at you), it looks deceptively simple… but as with most artwork, it’s actually much harder than it looks. XDDD

However, I’m always happy to try to learn new things, and I’ve been pretty excited to try it out, so yeah, I tried to give this occlusion thing a spin. To be fair, there IS a difference from the usual way that I color, though I’m not sure if this is necessarily a good thing or a bad thing. It’s kinda hard to tell sometimes, when you’re trying to evaluate your own work. LOL. I do know that I need more details about the whole process, right now. Hmm.

*scratches head* But yeah, way off the mark. I’ll just have to keep practicing and do more research. XDD

In the meantime, good night. 😀


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