Puella Magica Princess Kenny

princess kenny magical girl south park stick of truth ubisoft obsidian


So we finished playing South Park: The Stick of Truth last night. You know, the nice new game from the lovely folks over at Obsidian and Ubisoft.

If you ever loved South Park, if you have ever LARPed, if you still think “PP” is a funny word (HEHEHEHEEH…), please go play this game. IT’S SO MUCH FUN. =)))) And yes, as is the usual brand of South Park humor, there will be a whole bunch of political incorrectness. For instance, one of the classes you can pick is “Jew”… because everyone is a little bit racist.

But yes, we enjoyed this game quite a lot, and as a friend has pointed out, it might actually be a better RPG than a bunch of other J-RPGs at the moment. Sure, its story is… well… the stuff you can expect from a show like South Park, but its game elements, system, etc. were actually, surprisingly, well-polished.

LOL, anyway, I’ll leave you with Princess Kenny for tonight. In the meantime, I’m pretty tired, so I’ll go collapse now. 

Good night. 😀


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