Artist Info

nya_by_ksolaris-d53qd9pName: Kristine B. (edit 2015: I got married lately lol)

Online Handle: ksolaris

City/Country:  Mandaluyong, Philippines

Nationality: Filipino

Educational Background: 4 years of Architecture

Work Experience: I started working at 19, first at a bunch of call centers (I didn’t like it…), then moved on to work as an assistant editor for a gaming blog, a transcriptionist that used dictation software, a marketing assistant, a social media manager, and a copywriter. One thing I could never get away from was drawing, though, and I found that I just really, really love drawing silly pictures, so I decided that I should spend more time doing things that I love. These days, I spend my time freelancing as an illustrator, though I still accept copywriting, blogging, translation, and transcription projects from time to time.

(For a copy of my full CV, please feel free to contact me! :D)