K Watches The Greatest Showman

Reaction comic tiemz! Been itching to make this for a while and finally found the time this weekend lol.

Reaction is mostly over the fact that I love everything else about The Greatest Showman except maybe the story. xDDDD

K watches the Greatest Showman 1K watches the Greatest Showman 2K watches the Greatest Showman 3


No touch!

We said don't press it

Hello. I’m actually still alive hahaha herp.

As usual, I have badly-maintained blogs that I just prod to life from time to time. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, here’s a comic my husband requested from me quite a while ago, which I finally got around to making lol. … I hope I got it right haha.

(Disclaimer: I am not a Warhammer fan, so I’m sorry for the liberties I’ve taken with the drawing herp xDDD)

How the weather affects productivity

rainy day comic humid rain productivity weather climate lazy


So summer has pretty much started creeping up on us here in Manila, and the days have been getting really warm and humid. So when it started raining yesterday, and we were getting cool winds and nice temperatures… a change of plans occurred LOL.

Well, I’m making up for it now LOLOLOL TOTALLY WORTH IT. ❤


So. Kill La Kill episode 21…

KLK kill la kill trigger anime reaction comic don't lose your way


I guess you guys may have noticed from my blog that yes, my fiance and I both love Kill La Kill, and we are just very, very emotionally invested in this series right now, so we were excited (and terrified) at the prospect of FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY seeing episode 21 (and yes, I know that we only have to wait a week, but that’s like, FOREVER, in internet time…).

Anyway, so we watched episode 21, and once again, we found that no matter how much we thought we were prepared for it… we just weren’t (yes, yes, Illidan, you told me so, yada yada…).

I mean the first five minutes had us just going “WTF” over and over, and it just escalated as the show went on. And there was this MOMENT…. [SPOILER SCREENSHOT!] THAT moment… where we just could NOT. This was immediately followed by [SPOILER SCREENSHOT!] a deluge of FEELS, and THEN we got totally TKO’ed when it was [SPOILER SCREENSHOT!] time for MANLY TEARSThat’s a one-two-three combo right there, and it got us straight on. It was like getting hit by a mack truck.

And it was awesome. ❤

We’re really looking forward to the final few episodes, so Studio Trigger, if you’re somehow reading this… we leave our hearts in your hands. ;w;

(Also… sorry for the lack of color in the comic. It’s been extra busy for me for the past couple of weeks, and today kinda did me in because I actually had to… gulp… leave our house. I am just DRAINED tonight, and I need to be up early later. X__x;; )


Let’s Play! Elder Scrolls Online (Beta)… Oh, and a birthday greeting. :D

eso elder scrolls online bethesda zenimax mmorpg beta sorcerer templar khajiit breton


Late post today because it has been a long, busy (but fun and productive) day. It’s 3am here, BUT WHO NEEDS SLEEP? HAHAHAH herp. oTL

So yeah, I’ve been posting lately that I’ve been on the Elder Scrolls Online beta, but I haven’t exactly made a doodle about it, so here it is. It’s my fiance (Breton sorcerer) and me (Khajiit templar) discussing our faction choices. Because clearly, priorities. :3 And yes, the picture shows my approximation of decent class/race gear, hahaha. XDD

I’ll also take this opportunity to greet him a very happy birthday. ^__^

Love you. ❤



Pass the moonsugar! 60th Day Post

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Bethesda Khajiit Razum Dar cat people skyrim


Elder Scrolls Online beta weekend (and we get a free monkey pet, YAY). So yeah. I’ve been a bit… distracted, LOL.

BUT not distracted enough to notice a few things about this blog:

a.) This is the 60th post of the 365-day challenge. It’s been two months, and I’m just happy that I’ve been able to do something like this for 60 days straight. I’m feeling quite happy over it right now. I know that my progress may be slow, but so far, this whole project has been giving me yet one more thing to look forward to whenever I wake up each day, and there ARE some points where I think I’m improving, even a little bit. It’s a very nice feeling. ^_^

b.) HOORAY FOR 50,000 VIEWS! ^__^ LOL again, I know that blog views are normally counted by the millions, but this is a milestone for me, haha! In the two months that this blog has existed, checking my stats page is still always a pleasant surprise. I think back on the days when I would tell myself that I might need to coerce my fiance to check my blog regularly so that I can have at least 30 views a month. XDDD I still like to stick to this mindset, actually. ^_^

So yeah, with that out of the way, here’s a quick sketch of one of my favorite NPCs in ESO so far. Here’s Razum-Dar, the Antonio Banderas of Tamriel. =))))) Very cat. Khajiit 5lyf. Wow.

OKAY, PASS THE MOONSUGAR, WHOOOOOOO! *dives back into ESO and promptly gets arrested for moonsugar trafficking*

PS: In case anyone’s interested, here are a few screenshots that I took from the earlier closed beta weekend. I CAN FINALLY SHARE IT BECAUSE THE NDA IS GONE. YAY.


Shingeki no Hannibal

hunnybal Hannibal Lecter Will Graham Shingeki no Kyojin Attack on Titan Mads Mikkelsen Hugh Dancy


“On that day mankind received a grim reminder…”

You know what else eats people?


Hannibal eats people.

Also, season 2 is starting soon.



Good night.


Let’s (try to) Play! Sid Meier’s Civilization V

sid meier's civilization 5 v civ 5 comic roads building


LOL Late to the party, I know. :p

So I mentioned in a previous post about Banished, how I’m not very fond of city-building games, which is why I just never really got into the whole Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise. However, since I’ve been showing interest in things like Banished and Minecraft lately, my fiance who is a big Civ fan, has also been introducing me to one of his favorite games.

To be fair, I DO feel a bit more comfortable with it now, and for some reason, it’s become easier to wrap my head around the game. I guess I just didn’t have the patience to actually look at it back then (what can I say, I have a short attention span. If it’s not shiny enough, I tend to move on, LOL).

However, there IS one thing about it that causes a part of my brain to itch…

The roads.

I know, I know, it’s a cosmetic thing, but honestly, whenever players assign a road to be built from point A to point B, I’m sort of expecting a more or less straight path that connects the two points. After all, (using IRL logic. I haven’t really gotten into the game enough to know its nuances) you build roads for direct access. So whenever the roads are completed, and I look at the map, and the road created by the workers is all timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly, it just makes me want to get a marker and draw how the road should go, directly onto the screen.

So yeah. This is me trying to rationalize WHY the workers do this. Yes. There has to be a reason…

BRAIN. SO. ITCHY.  I really hope I’m not the only one who feels this way. T__T


Let’s Play! Banished (by Shining Rock Software)

banished shining rock software steam video game comic reaction


So my fiance introduced me to the game Banished, a creation courtesy of the guys guy over at Shining Rock Software. First of all, I should mention that I’m an FPS and/or RPG type of gal. Gimme my Counterstrike or Half-Life, my Bioshock, or my Final Fantasy XII anytime. However (though perhaps with the exception of Starcraft, and probably only because I got a very early start), give me something that requires macro and micromanagement, like Sim City, or Civilization, and I wouldn’t last fifteen minutes. I’d just stop, either because my virtual city/sims/household is on fire, or I just simply get too frustrated or bored, and I walk away.

This is why when he told me about this game, my enthusiasm wasn’t exactly THERE. So lo and behold, when he plugged in his laptop to the TV and started playing, something within me just stirred (and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t hunger, since we just had dinner). There was something about watching a bunch of poor, homeless settlers out in the wilderness that got to me. At the same time, my training in town planning and logistics kicked into high gear, and before I knew it, I was trying to figure out proper placements and build orders, and once again, barking out instructions at the person actually sitting in front of the screen. Before I knew it, I was Googling up strategy guides and FAQs on my phone, because these people NEEDED someone to help them. Before I knew it, I decided that I needed the game for myself, from now on.

… and that was how I got nothing done today. 8D



Let’s Play! The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us Telltale Games fanart reaction video games Vertigo Fables Snow White Big Bad Wolf Bigby


I guess I should mention that prior to our recent Minecraft binge, another friend of ours insisted that my fiance and I finally sit down and play The Wolf Among Us, a title from Telltale Games. To be honest, I knew NOTHING of this game other than it features characters from the Vertigo graphic novel series, Fables, of which I am a big fan of. I never read any reports about it, never watched videos, trailers, ZILCH. NADA.

So yeah. We sat down and basically did a three-headed playthrough, with one person at the controls, and two others shouting contradicting responses/instructions (which led to many confused, panic, hilarious moments).

By the time we finished the game… well… I think the mini-comic tells it all. XDDDD

All in all, The Wolf Among Us is a GORGEOUS game. So far, the storytelling is also strong, and I believe that it does a good job of reinforcing the characters from the graphic novels and adding to their flavor, which is tricky and very few other tie-in titles manage to accomplish.

In any case, I’m happy to report that the laptop is safe and unharmed, and ONWARDS TO CHAPTER TWO! 😀

PS: I should clarify that the reaction in the last panel is a POSITIVE thing because I was so, so invested in the story that when THAT happened, it was just such a punch to the gut. Amazing work right there. 😀