About this Blog

Who are you?

Just some woman from Manila, in the Philippines, who likes going around online as “ksolaris”.

What have you got here?

These are pretty much just doodles that I end up with on my spare time. I also post a bunch of REALLY old stuff (some dated, some not) as I unearth them from my stash of half-used sketchpads, LOL.

Why did you make this blog?

I just simply wanted a place to stash my drawings in. Most don’t really seem DevArt or Behance-worthy, so I’m putting this here. They’re mostly just sketches from old sketchbooks that I don’t quite have the heart to toss out, though I know I probably should LOL. I figured I can just put everything up here, maybe dispose of the hard copy, and clear up space in my room. At some point. Eventually.

In the meantime, who knows? Maybe I’ll find other things to post on here, so I guess we’ll see. 😀

EDIT February 2014:

And apparently I decided to do a 365-day art challenge LOL. I really wanted to do this since to me, this is a matter of discipline and will power. I want to be able to see this through, and I will definitely do my best to complete this challenge. Wish me luck!

EDIT January 2016:

Uhm, I never got to complete the full-year challenge. Life kinda happened haha. So for now, I’ll just be posting on an as-much-as-humanly-possible basis. ^_^;;;;;

Are the drawings posted in chronological order?

The old ones? Nope. I just post them as I find/make them. Sorry. The most I can offer is that you can view entries by tags by going to my tag cloud over at the sidebar.

EDIT February 2014:

Well, since I started this 365-day challenge… I guess they are NOW? ^^;;;

Are you pro?

If it hasn’t been apparent yet… no. Hahahaha! Wish I were, really.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, I do. 😀 Hey, it’s money, LOL.

You can use my contact form on this blog, and we’ll talk it over.

Can I use your drawings?

LOL I’d be flattered. Just credit me pls? Creative Commons License. 😀

EDIT September 2015: Sigh, I really hate to do this, but… it seems that even amateurs like myself can’t avoid having their work stolen haha. Yeah, I just had a bad experience about this whole thing, so…

Sorry, but from now on…


Thank you. 🙂

Can I have a better copy?

Sorry LOL no.


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