Because the Lolidudes made it to Japanator LOL

Dug this up.

So yeah, for posterity and all that LOLOLOL


World of Warcraft HERP DERP NEWB

in case anybody was interested, this was the resulting drawing from the lineart I posted previously. XDD

(Originally posted on DevArt)

(and yes. I’ve juuuuuust started using photoshop/tablets at that time…)

World of Warcraft Comic lineart

LOL old lineart from my VERY early days of playing World of Warcraft and my friend, Jed, who got me into the game, had his capped warlock babysitting my level 1 hunter. Fun tiems. XD


Random Doodles

LOL unfinished sketches for some client who never paid me. I think it was supposed to be used on some site that edits your term papers, or something.


Imma Printheth ♥

Me as a Disney Princeth. OuO

HAHAHAHA lolwut I think it was a meme going around DevArt at the time.


In the name of the moon!

I grew up watching this show. Still love it to this day, even though i now see how silly it all is, haha


Nyan ♥

The cover for one of my many half-used notebooks LOL.

And don’t let this give you any ideas. I suck at lettering/typography. I think I just got lucky with this one.