Random Doodle: Lunchtime

Random ballpoint pen drawing. I think I ended up with a slightly older Sakura Kinomoto?


I wanna get inked again!

Unfinished tattoo design. It’s supposed to have the words “stay awake” in there somewhere, but I suck at lettering.

I got my first tattoo several years ago, and when Alan Moore’s series Promethea, I decided that I REALLY REALLY wanted another one that was something related to that story and have it on my skin forever.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to finish this, and I kinda ran out of funds to get inked again, hahahah! Still want this on me, though. The idea never really went away. I might redo this one.


Something I made for our friend, Patrice, one of the coolest people I know. I’m always thankful for the fact that I’m lucky enough to know her. XDD She’s awesome. Go follow her at http://stonedlady.tumblr.com/ (some NSFW posts from time to time, but yeah, it’s great).