So. Kill La Kill episode 21…

KLK kill la kill trigger anime reaction comic don't lose your way


I guess you guys may have noticed from my blog that yes, my fiance and I both love Kill La Kill, and we are just very, very emotionally invested in this series right now, so we were excited (and terrified) at the prospect of FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY seeing episode 21 (and yes, I know that we only have to wait a week, but that’s like, FOREVER, in internet time…).

Anyway, so we watched episode 21, and once again, we found that no matter how much we thought we were prepared for it… we just weren’t (yes, yes, Illidan, you told me so, yada yada…).

I mean the first five minutes had us just going “WTF” over and over, and it just escalated as the show went on. And there was this MOMENT…. [SPOILER SCREENSHOT!] THAT moment… where we just could NOT. This was immediately followed by [SPOILER SCREENSHOT!] a deluge of FEELS, and THEN we got totally TKO’ed when it was [SPOILER SCREENSHOT!] time for MANLY TEARSThat’s a one-two-three combo right there, and it got us straight on. It was like getting hit by a mack truck.

And it was awesome. ❤

We’re really looking forward to the final few episodes, so Studio Trigger, if you’re somehow reading this… we leave our hearts in your hands. ;w;

(Also… sorry for the lack of color in the comic. It’s been extra busy for me for the past couple of weeks, and today kinda did me in because I actually had to… gulp… leave our house. I am just DRAINED tonight, and I need to be up early later. X__x;; )


Gotye La Kill – Somebody That I Used To Know feat. Senketsu

kill la kill kamui godrobe senketsu ryuko matoi gotye somebody that i used to know



LOL and yes, still totally not over episode 20. In the meantime, I’m mentally and physically preparing myself for episode 21, because if all the conspiracy theories so far will prove correct (21IDIE)… my body and soul will have to be ready. ;w;

In the meantime, here’s Senketsu and Ryuko singing a famous song by Gotye. 😀

I got another early start tomorrow (I am NOT a morning person… sigh…) and a busy day ahead, so good night, folks.

Ragyo In The Sky With Diamonds

ragyo kiryuin kill la kill revocs covers lucy in the sky with diamonds beatles


“Newspaper taxis appear on the shore,
Waiting to take you away.
Climb in the back with your head in the clouds,
And you’re gone.

Ragyo in the sky with diamonds!
Ragyo in the sky with diamonds!
Ragyo in the sky with diamonds!

Picture yourself on a train in a station,
With plasticine porters with looking-glass ties.
Suddenly, someone is there at the turnstile:
The girl with kaleidoscope HAIR.”

Phew. Been a long, busy, fun day. =)))

So anyway. Kill La Kill episode 20… I lost my way. oTL AAAAAAA TRIGGER, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME??????

And seriously, that whole [POSSIBLE SPOILER SCREENSHOT] Madoka-ish Walpurgisnacht [/POSSIBLE SPOILER SCREENSHOT] thing that happened just totally freaked me out. O_o;;

Anyway, just trying to lighten it up a bit, LOL.

PS: I sincerely apologize to The Beatles. I need this for my sanity right now. It’s all Trigger’s fault.

Minecraft, the Anime

minecraft video games fanart steve chicken torch pick axe sword mining shaft mmorpg sandbox exploration anime movie poster



— Minecraft, the Anime

LOL. Been feeling lazy and potato-ish the entire morning and afternoon, so we kinda just decided to slack off a bit for today. Then after a bit of TV, we decided to play Minecraft where my fiance is on the computer, and I go into backseat driver mode. It was glorious, hahaha. XDDD

I’m not really a bit Minecraft fan because I tend to be spoiled when it comes to visuals, and I like games that are pretty. But after a while, I learned to enjoy it, so MAYBE I’m finally wrapping my head around it a little bit. 😀

Anyway, as a result of our team-up, we ended up with a fortress on top of a high mountain, above the clouds, right next to a towering lava fall. We terraformed an area of the mountain, brought up trees and water from the lowlands, started a field, built pens and filled it with animals. I’m most proud of our indoor wheat field (we were so high up in the mountain, that there was snow, and water froze after a few seconds, so you couldn’t really grow anything outdoors).

So yeah, all that has resulted in today’s doodle. Them chickens are cute. ❤

Pretty Sailor Soldier Queen Elsa

Frozen Queen Elsa Disney Sailor Soldier Sailormoon crossover fanart


Phew. Been a long, busy, busy day. Plus I’ve been cramping haha. BLEHRHGR. X__x;;

Anyway, today’s random brainfart has produced PRETTY SAILOR SOLDIER OF LOVE AND JUSTICE, AND NOT MARRYING STRANGE MEN YOU JUST MET, SAILOR ELSA! 8D (Disney, Kondansha, Toei, etc, please don’t sue me.)

LOL, trying out a different style of cartoon proportions that I’ve been seeing around, though I’m not quite sure if I got it right. Also, a very quick coloring job because I need to take painkillers and lie down. Belligerent ovaries are quite a pain in the… well… ovaries.

PS: Look! I’m actually posting at 3am instead of 4am! PROGRESS! \o/

Credits for images used: Snowflake pattern

Random Tanuki Doodle

tanukidoodles tanuki doodle racoon art painting kawaii cute cartoon animal


Phew. Just finished talking to my dad on Skype, and as usual, the call took about two straight hours, hahahah. XDD Ah well. Time well-spent. A bit tired from it, but it’s my dad, so yeah. 😀


For now, AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~\o\