Random Doodle: I take it back. I don’t need coffee.

multitasking artist do not speak to me of dragonfire frazzled busy hectic shiva kali


Remember what I said yesterday, that all I need is a cup of coffee…?

Well, I take it back. Sometimes, what you REALLY need, is a set of extra arms.

LOL another super late post. It’s been super busy lately. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really thankful for the REASONS why I’m busy. But yeah, I tend to panic, hahah! XDD

Anyway, back to the fray. Hoping to get back on the usual posting schedule by later/tonight. >_<;;; Ergh.


Random Doodle: Don’t you just hate it when this happens…?

art block don't you just hate it when artist comic ideas 3am


And at 4am, I’m finally typing this all down for posting. LOL.

Oh man… On one hand it was a very enjoyable day (for a Monday), and I had this whole drawing that I planned out and wanted to do, and I was all, “IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME” and all that… Then some things I needed to do ended up taking longer than I thought it would, and I have to tell you right now, that staring at a blank page in my sketch book at 2:30am on a weekday reminded me way too much of my college days. Way too much. oTL Me and my wonderful time management skills. Sigh.

For about 10 minutes, I contemplated just skipping this day and not posting at all. And that kinda scared me, so I figured I had to really try.

So anyway, for today, here’s a visualization of what I’m pretty sure is gonna happen to me the moment I get comfortable in bed. LOL.