Bonus post: Amiable Loki likes EVERYBODY!

LOL. So I had a little too much fun with the paper cut out Loki. Sorry. XDDD

amiable Loki avengers tom hiddleston

amiable loki avengers tom hiddleston rei ayanami

amiable loki avengers okami amaterasu tom hiddleston

amiable loki avengers tom hiddleston okami waka


Amiable Loki watches Hannibal

loki tom hiddleston hiddles asgard thor avengers hannibal mads mikkelsen


UGH. SUPER LATE POST. Like, nine hours late because of reasons. T__T

Anyway, yesterday was pretty busy (and stressful), and I just really needed some sleep, which is why I’m just posting this now. I don’t plan to miss any posts, though, since this blog has turned into one of my bastions of sanity.

In the meantime, here’s something simple today. I’m just comforting myself with some TV time with my favorite Asgardian. He’s “Amiable Loki” from now on. LOL. I’m thinking of posing him with a bunch of other characters/things, just to see him say how much he likes it. XDDDD

(And yes, episode 2 of Hannibal season 2 is out, you guys!)

100th Blog Post: A colored picture of Agent Carter

agent carter avengers captain america marvel peggy shield


LOL Better late than never, no? XDDD It’s been a pleasantly busy day, which is the reason why this post is showing up late. ^_^;;

In any case, I’m still pretty enamored with Agent Peggy Carter, and a friend has suggested that I color in the pencil sketch that I posted a few days ago. I thought about it for a bit and realized that the itch to do just that was just too strong, so I might as well get it out of my system and do some coloring practice along the way.

I actually meant to color this in a totally different way when I started it, but unfortunately, it kinda took a life of its own and here’s how it ended up. LOL. And yes, I suck at ambient lighting, and this is probably the first time I’ve ever even attempted it. I really need to practice more. ^_^;;

Anyway, it’s 4am here (we really have to stop meeting like this…), so I think I’ll go collapse now. Good night.

Oh, and happy 100th blog post to me, hehehehe… WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! 😀

Credits for images used: Wood grain pattern | Vintage office background

The Fabulous Agent Carter

agent carter avengers captain america marvel peggy shield


And today’s super-late doodle (thanks to a full day of gaming, a viewing of Manos: Hands of Fate, as well as Saving Mr. Banks… that last one being a great movie, by the way… the first one… well… it was a hoot, let’s just leave it at that…features the fabulous Agent Peggy Carter. LOL I just managed to catch the Marvel One-Shot feature now, and I LOVED IT. Fighting baddies while FABULOUS, YEAH!! I suddenly want to own a briefcase now, LOL.

LOL anyway it’s past 3am here and I am starting to feel my head float away from my shoulders, so I think I’ll call it a night. I’m a little miffed at myself that I didn’t start the doodle earlier so that I could have colored it, because I adored how her blue suit clashes so well with her hair, but… yeah. It’s my own fault. T_T;; Maybe I’ll come back to this another time and color it then. Maybe.

In the meantime, I’ll go pass out now. Good night.

Cats and Loki for everyone! 8D

loki hiddles tom hiddleston cats cute kawaii cartoon fanart asgard avengers


Hehe. Feeling a bit celebratory today, because I was just floored when I checked my blog counter after dinner and saw that it’s hit the 10.5k mark! I’m pretty happy about it. ^_^ LOL, I know that most blogs do their counting in the millions, but it still feels good to know that in the month-and-seven-days that this blog has been in existence, it’s been doing more or less okay, haha!

And yeah, when I started all this, I figured I’d probably get 30 hits a month. Once a day. From my fiance. Because he’s obligated to. SO YES, THIS IS MUCH BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE EVER HOPED FOR! =))))

Also… it took me YEARS and YEARS before I hit 10k on DeviantArt. ._.;;; So… yeah. *cough*

In any case, as a sign of my delight and gratitude, here, have a Tom Hiddleston/Loki burried in cats while petting a tanuki. ❤