Random Doodle: The Fairy of the Munchies

girl female candy snacks sweets fairy munchies rockabilly vintage


Yay, more blog catch-up posts LOLOLOLOL.

Also, it’s around lunch time where I am right now, so I guess this sort of explains today’s doodle. Herp. =))



Random Doodle: Sweet Thoughts

umbrella brolly victorian lolita female hat dress gown sweets desserts cake tea biscuits daydream paper


LOL another late post. I’ve kinda just been lazing around for the better part of the day, but I promised myself I’d post a doodle everyday, so I will. 😀

Anyway, I’m feeling kinda storybook-ish today, AND I’m craving for sweets, so we have an ink doodle (with type Photoshopped in because I have TERRIBLE handwriting and lettering) of what’s been on my mind lately.



Yes. … Mmmm…

Credits for images used: Paper Texture

Pax Angelicus Character: Beatrix Lutetia and Crew

Pax Angelicus Bakery Cake Maid Lolita Manga Cover Hansel Gretel Pastry RPG FATE tabletop


Baker, baker, baker boy
Bake a girl, bake a boy

They come to me for donuts and blueberry pie
They love my creme merengue
And my fresh baked rye

Have a taste, have a taste
Help yourself, feel free
It’s just you and me
In the fabulous bakery

– Fabulous Baker Boy, Eraserheads

I’m actually on time today! Hehehe.

Recently started a FATE-based tabletop RPG game with friends, and the campaign is called Pax Angelicus. This is my character, Beatrix Lutetia. She basically owns a nice little patisserie that serves special goodies that make people… happy. :3

ANYWAY, featured here are Beatrix, her sous chef Pinky, and her kitchen-helpers-slash-bouncers Hansel and Gretel. I think you can tell which is which. I hope. :p Also, this drawing was made since it seemed easier to just draw it than type down descriptions, haha. XD

Credits for images I used: Checkerboard | Paisley 1 | Paisley 2