Random Doodle: Human and its owner

female girl pixie short hair cartoon cat feline


Saturday catch-up post LOL.

So yeah, I’ve been trying out a whole bunch of different looks lately, and I decided to tackle a DrawMe request. This sort of look just seemed apt for the owner and her cat, so yeah, I just decided to go with it. Her cat just looked so happy, haha! 😀


Random Doodle: A word or two about cats

cat neil gaiman quote coraline cats yarn string


Blergh. Been a busy, busy day… X__x;;

So yeah, anyway, I decided to derp around with an old brush pen that I have lying around. One of the things that I love about drawing patterns and random lines is that I find it as a great way to just zen out and relax. So yeah, no matter how cluttered or noisy my head gets with deadlines, projects, grocery lists, to-dos, emails, bills, etc etc etc, sitting down for 30 minutes and just drawing patterns is a great way to quiet myself down. 

In any case, I guess this counts as a bit of an experiment LOL. I think there’s still a lot to work on, and I might redo this at some point in the future, who knows (and yes, typography is one of my many weak points, sorry. I’m practicing, LOL). Oh and yeah, I love Neil Gaiman, and I love cats. So there, hehehe.

If by any chance anybody’s interested in the plain ink/uncolored version:

cat yarn string black and white pets

And yeah, I still need a scanner, LOL. XDDD

Pusheen, Sheebz, and pie <3

pusheen cat shiba inu dog sheebz pie food cute kawaii round pets


Uh…. so  yeah. Just a quick post today. It’s been a long day of adventure, and I’m quite tired (plus the fluctuations in temperature is totally giving me a migraine right now…).

ANYWAY, a friend has informed me that his soon-to-be-eight-year-old daughter has recently discovered Pusheen (thank you, Claire Belton), and has decreed that our favorite animated rolly-polly feline should be friends with Sheebz (thank you, nargyle). And what better way to cement a friendship than with pie.

And with that, I think I’ll take a Tylenol and lie down.