Feels Like Chibi Godzilla…

chibi godzilla screentone sick cold fever girl blanket flu


So. I seem to have caught a cold, or something. I think that now would be a good time to mention that as much as I LOVE the current cold weather, an island girl like me just isn’t used to it. T_T

It’s also been a busy day since I still had to finish a couple of commissions, so yeah, working with a migraine and a stuffy nose just ain’t fun. It feels like I have a chibi Godzilla stomping around in my brain, going:

“IDEAS??? NEVER! GRAAAAARGH!!! >:V ”  *knocks down an idea building or two*

Okay, time for something warm to drink and maybe a paracetamol. X__x;;;


Random Doodle: Temperature is relative

Manila temperature cold weather relativity Asian European Filipina Italian couple


So according to Wunderground, evenings in Manila have been hitting lows of between 23C to 20C, and YES, I have TOTALLY been feeling that. … I’m not so sure about my fiance, though. T__T (For rhose who don’t know yet, I’m an islander to the bone, while my fiance hails from the cold mountains of Northern Italy…). Sigh. Oh well. Cuddle weather, whooo! \o/

LOL just something quick today because the (relatively) lovely temperatures have been detrimental in my glorious quest to leave the couch and do anything productive.

Ehe. ♥