What If: Tilda Swinton cosplayed as Ragyo Kiryuin

tilda swinton ragyo kiryuin cosplay tildren revocs covers ceo painting rainbow prism


RISE, TILDREN. From the moment man first gained free will, he covered himself in the sin called clothing.

– Tilda Kiryuin, Kill La Kill (in my mind)

So earlier this morning, I had a random brainfart which I posted in Plurk, and the discussion went on and on until finally, my friend Jyli brought the topic to its highest point when he said, “Tilda Swinton would also KILL IT as Ragyo”.

And then my little weaboo heart just EXPLODED.

Two things that I love, Tilda Swinton (RISE, TILDREN!) and Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill La Kill (OMG HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN EPISODE 16???)… together. In one beautiful, AWESOME/FEARSOME, glorious vessel… I couldn’t take it, I just had to see for myself,  and so I did a five-minute Photoshop hackjob using the first images I found in Google Image Seach. But it just wasn’t enough. I was ashamed and I knew that I had to try harder, even if it’s not much of an improvement in the end, I HAVE TO TRY.

And this is what we get. XDDD

And before anybody goes nuts, just so you know, in today’s doodle/reimagining, I painted over an actual photo of Tilda (because the last thing I wanted to mess up was her gorgeous face). So yeah, only the face itself is a photo, and the hair, necklace, feathers and background were all painted in using SAI and Photoshop.