Pretty Sailor Soldier Queen Elsa

Frozen Queen Elsa Disney Sailor Soldier Sailormoon crossover fanart


Phew. Been a long, busy, busy day. Plus I’ve been cramping haha. BLEHRHGR. X__x;;

Anyway, today’s random brainfart has produced PRETTY SAILOR SOLDIER OF LOVE AND JUSTICE, AND NOT MARRYING STRANGE MEN YOU JUST MET, SAILOR ELSA! 8D (Disney, Kondansha, Toei, etc, please don’t sue me.)

LOL, trying out a different style of cartoon proportions that I’ve been seeing around, though I’m not quite sure if I got it right. Also, a very quick coloring job because I need to take painkillers and lie down. Belligerent ovaries are quite a pain in the… well… ovaries.

PS: Look! I’m actually posting at 3am instead of 4am! PROGRESS! \o/

Credits for images used: Snowflake pattern


Why it’s FREEZING COLD in the US East Coast right now

Elsa from Frozen by Disney and the cold weather in New York


… because Elsa is sightseeing. LOL.

For those who don’t know yet, the Eastern US is currently experiencing extraordinarily cold weather, and some states have even declared it ILLEGAL to venture out right now, unless it’s for emergencies or to seek shelter. In fact, news reports are even claiming that at the moment, parts of the US are colder than Mars.

It kinda doesn’t help that at the same time, the Disney movie Frozen (which I LOVED, by the way, and will probably discuss in detail another time) is currently topping the box office charts over there. So yeah. :p

Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s a very serious situation, and my dad, along with a bunch of relatives, are all currently living in New York. I’m actually quite worried for them, but being stuck where I am, there’s not really much I can do except to maybe try to make a few people laugh while we wait out the storm.

In the meantime, HANG IN THERE, EVERYONE!