Leanansidhe’s New Dog?

leanansidhe fae summer court dogs sheebz shibe harry dresden


LOL sorry, kinda still under the weather today, so here’s a silly piece of Dresden Files fanart.

Yes, that’s Leanansidhe of the Summer Court Winter Court (Edit: Thank you to /u/bobthesatyr for pointing that out. I blame flu medication for this boo boo. Mab will kill me. I am so sorry. oTL) wondering what sorcery she is witnessing. Yes, that’s Sheebz (I LOVE SHEEBZ) being adorable. Yes, that’s supposed to be Harry Dresden. Running away. Again. XDDD

I’ll try to do better tomorrow. I hope.

Good night.


Random doodle: Friends

A few months ago, I couldn’t resist buying this sketchbook I found at the nearby bookstore. I had no reason to get it since I already HAD a bunch of half-filled sketchpads and notebooks, but I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT.

Anyway, it turned out to be a good decision, since I found that I like the paper so much that I just really, really enjoy doodling on it. So yay. ❤

This was the first drawing in that sketchbook. Black permanent marker, blue ink pen and silver gel pen. Because it was all I had within reach at the time as I was too lazy to go to grab my actual materials from the drawer where I keep them… then I ALSO realized that I really, really liked using pens. Haha