Overwatch Voice Actors in Manila, and I’M FREAKING OUT!

Overwatch Symmetra Sombra Pharah Zenyatta traditional filipino costume comiccon asia 2018
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For the curious, here are the drawing details:

  • Sombra is wearing a Baro’t Saya with a Panuelo and Tapis, and is holding typical streetfood/snacks-on-sticks haha. It’s called “kwek-kwek” (orange-battered and deep fried hardboiled quail eggs) and “bananacue” (fried plantains with caramelized sugar).
  • Zen is wearing a “katipunero” outfit, and sipping juice out of a fresh, opened coconut (if omnics could drink??).
  • Pharah is in a not-the-usual-red Ifugao outfit, and is holding sunflowers and wearing a traditional feathered headress.
  • Symmetra is dressed as a Maranao princess, dancing the singkil. She is also materializing a “sarimanok” or Bird of Happiness from myths (aka, “lucky chicken” lol).

So I learned some time ago that Comiccon Asia 2018 was happening… AND they’re having FOUR Overwatch Voice Actors showing up as guests. ❤ ❤ ❤


I bought tickets for autographs and photo ops with Sym’s and Sombra’s VAs despite us still kind of recovering from a massive vet bill recently (which is another long story), and my husband didn’t divorce me, so that’s good haha. I really hoped to get tickets to see everyone because who knows when they’ll be able to come back to this country — or if they’d want to — but two is the best we could do. Was also hoping to get a ticket for Zen’s VA for the husband, but it was a no go. 😦 Thankfully, hubby is cool with it, but still…  CURSE MY THIN WALLET. T__T;;

Anyway…. Soooooooo…. I bought passes for their March 25 appearance, and I suddenly got it into my head last night (at 1am saturday March 24… whyyyyyyyy…) to make a small tribute artwork for said OW VAs. And this is the result. Herp.

I don’t think I have EVER worked so fast in my life. I was even able to rush to the print shop to have it printed on A4 paper, so yay!

I’m looking forward to giving copies to Sym and Sombra… but yeah. I still don’t know how I’m supposed to hand it over to Pharah and Zen. Hopefully there’s a designated gift table, or maybe I can beg a staff member to hand it to them. I’m crossing my fingers. >__<;;;

Anyway, I copied default poses and drew Zen, Sombra, Pharah (sorry I know I can’t draw hands or feet ;w; ) in some stylized regional traditional costumes. I know I took some liberties in there, and I also know I may have gotten some of pharah’s tattoo symbolisms wrong herp pls don’t lynch me, history enthusiasts… T__T;;

In the meantime, we plan to line up early tomorrow to get our entry badges so maybe I should actually get some sleep haha


Trese at home

trese kambal crispin basilio santelmo pinoy filipino komiks comics fanart


Phew. It’s been a long, busy day, and needless to say, I’m pretty exhausted LOL.

Anyway, I was relaxing a bit and I kinda absentmindedly picked up one of my Trese graphic novels off my shelf and started flipping through it and rereading it. My brain automatically asked, “Do you think Trese wears pajamas to bed, at the end of her day?” and this is what happened. =)))) Just Trese chilling for a while with the Kambal and Santelmo before she turns in for the night, haha!

In the meantime, I should also turn in. Good night. X__x

PS: In case you haven’t yet, go check out the Trese books. It’s an awesome piece of work from local artists Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo (whose artwork I ADORE). It revolves around Filipino folklore, and best of all, IT’S IN ENGLISH! So yes, even my Italian fiance enjoys it. 😀

Random Doodle: Wrong valley, girl…

manila female social climber valley girl street food fishball konyo fake betamax


LOL Feeling a little under the weather today… and I’m not sure if the fact that I blame the crazy weather  these past few days will now officially turn that into a literal statement. So yeah, I don’t really have much energy right now.

Anyway, today’s doodle is a depiction of something I encountered this afternoon on the way to the convenience store to pick up some supplies. This obviously-Filipina lady was talking obnoxiously/loudly to her friend, in this fake valley girl accent, complaining about how hot it is in Manila, unlike so-and-so city she’s supposedly been to. How I wish I could say that this was some sort of funny act she was putting up for her friend. All this was happening while the two of them were standing in front of a fishball cart, sipping soda in little plastic bags through flimsy plastic straws.

I was annoyed (I was already not in a good mood to begin with, since I was kinda sick), but I wanted to laugh right then and there and let her know how it was so hard to take her seriously while she was hungrily munching on a piece of betamax. It just seemed so surreal, you know?

Going back, after naming as many cities as she could in one breath, her friend suggested that they duck inside a nearby coffee shop since it had air-conditioning. What came next was a litany of reasons on why Little Miss Jetsetter couldn’t have coffee at that place, which basically boiled down to “I have no money.”

THEN, I laughed. I dunno if this was just extra-funny because I was already loopy to start with. But yeah. Affectations. Gotta love ’em.