Random Doodle: Cake or Death

victorian steampunk man cake or death eddie izzard monty python spanish inquisition goggles tea chair



LOL still finding myself enamored with the cartoony style and the paper texture, so I decided that I wanted to make another one since I’ve been having fun with it. ^_^

Anyway, I’m not even sure whether I should Categorize today’s doodle as “Random Doodles” or “Fanart”. It’s the result of me associating Eddie Izzard’s famous line with Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition.

I don’t know why, either.

Maybe my brain decided on its own that at least one of the members of the Inquisition has decided to switch religions at some point? Because nobody expects death death death death death death death death LUNCH death death death death death death AFTERNOON TEA…

Credits for images used: Paper Texture


Missin’ Lorewalker Cho

wow world of warcraft pandaren lorewalker cho blood elf drinking brew ale


“Slow down. Life is to be savored!”

ALMOST DIDN’T MAKE IT. X__x GAH! Sorry for this super rushed post. ;w;

Another buzzer beater post LOL. Today was spent sleeping and eating comfort food, so yeah.

Anyway…. today, we have one of my favorite characters in World of Warcraft, Lorewalker Cho. I haven’t particularly been wanting to get back into WoW recently since there’s just not enough time for it at the moment, but when I was messing around with Hearthstone last night, one of the practice/tutorial matches was against Cho. It was then that I realized just how much I missed him so much, like an uncle I haven’t seen for too long. I just figured it would be nice to hang out with the guy and chill and trade stories and stuff. ^_^

I’ll see you again in a while, Pandaria. ^_^