So. Kill La Kill episode 21…

KLK kill la kill trigger anime reaction comic don't lose your way


I guess you guys may have noticed from my blog that yes, my fiance and I both love Kill La Kill, and we are just very, very emotionally invested in this series right now, so we were excited (and terrified) at the prospect of FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY seeing episode 21 (and yes, I know that we only have to wait a week, but that’s like, FOREVER, in internet time…).

Anyway, so we watched episode 21, and once again, we found that no matter how much we thought we were prepared for it… we just weren’t (yes, yes, Illidan, you told me so, yada yada…).

I mean the first five minutes had us just going “WTF” over and over, and it just escalated as the show went on. And there was this MOMENT…. [SPOILER SCREENSHOT!] THAT moment… where we just could NOT. This was immediately followed by [SPOILER SCREENSHOT!] a deluge of FEELS, and THEN we got totally TKO’ed when it was [SPOILER SCREENSHOT!] time for MANLY TEARSThat’s a one-two-three combo right there, and it got us straight on. It was like getting hit by a mack truck.

And it was awesome. ❤

We’re really looking forward to the final few episodes, so Studio Trigger, if you’re somehow reading this… we leave our hearts in your hands. ;w;

(Also… sorry for the lack of color in the comic. It’s been extra busy for me for the past couple of weeks, and today kinda did me in because I actually had to… gulp… leave our house. I am just DRAINED tonight, and I need to be up early later. X__x;; )


Gotye La Kill – Somebody That I Used To Know feat. Senketsu

kill la kill kamui godrobe senketsu ryuko matoi gotye somebody that i used to know



LOL and yes, still totally not over episode 20. In the meantime, I’m mentally and physically preparing myself for episode 21, because if all the conspiracy theories so far will prove correct (21IDIE)… my body and soul will have to be ready. ;w;

In the meantime, here’s Senketsu and Ryuko singing a famous song by Gotye. 😀

I got another early start tomorrow (I am NOT a morning person… sigh…) and a busy day ahead, so good night, folks.

Ragyo In The Sky With Diamonds

ragyo kiryuin kill la kill revocs covers lucy in the sky with diamonds beatles


“Newspaper taxis appear on the shore,
Waiting to take you away.
Climb in the back with your head in the clouds,
And you’re gone.

Ragyo in the sky with diamonds!
Ragyo in the sky with diamonds!
Ragyo in the sky with diamonds!

Picture yourself on a train in a station,
With plasticine porters with looking-glass ties.
Suddenly, someone is there at the turnstile:
The girl with kaleidoscope HAIR.”

Phew. Been a long, busy, fun day. =)))

So anyway. Kill La Kill episode 20… I lost my way. oTL AAAAAAA TRIGGER, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME??????

And seriously, that whole [POSSIBLE SPOILER SCREENSHOT] Madoka-ish Walpurgisnacht [/POSSIBLE SPOILER SCREENSHOT] thing that happened just totally freaked me out. O_o;;

Anyway, just trying to lighten it up a bit, LOL.

PS: I sincerely apologize to The Beatles. I need this for my sanity right now. It’s all Trigger’s fault.

Powerpuff La Kill

ppg powerpuff girls kill la  kill blossom buttercup bubbles harime nui ryuko matoi satsuki kiryuin fanart crossover


So. Kill La Kill episode 20. AHAHAHAHA MY BODY IS NOT READY.

Anyway, someone over at /r/KillLaKill asked for a Powerpuff Girls crossover, so I figured why not. I DID switch Nui and Satsuki, though, just because I figured Satsuki would be even more pissed at a.) not being the leader, and b.) being forced to wear pigtails. Plus Nui’s color scheme is closer to Blossom’s, so yeah. LOL.

Someone also suggested Ragyo as HIM. I’ll see what I can do. XDDD

In the meantime, time to get some sleep. X__x;;;

Sukuyo Mankanshoku + Senketsu = OTP

mama mother senketsu sukuyo mankanshoku kill la kill uniform sailor fuku


“Matarou, I will end you. *^_^*”

— Mrs. Sukuyo Mankanshoku, Kill La Kill

LOL well, Sunday sure went by pretty fast. XDDD

Anyway, before we all go back to the grind tomorrow, I just want to say that I just watched Kill La Kill episode 19, AND OH MY GOD. CRAZYYYYYYYYY. I am so excited for the next episodes! >w<

However, I AM pretty sad about the end of that particular episode, though. I mean… poor Senketsu… poor baby… 😦 I just wanted to hug him after, and offer him maybe a wash or a steam press. T_T

So yeah, today’s doodle is me trying to cheer Senketsu up. ;w;

The newest member of the Violet Lantern Corps

mako mankanshoku kill la kill violet lantern corps star sapphire DC comics anime fanart crossover


“Violet power rings are fueled by the emotion of love. … The rings can also detect when a love is in jeopardy, locate it, and then create a connection to the embattled heart that can be used as a tether. Sapphires are also shown as being able to show others their greatest love.”

– Violet Power Rings (Wikipedia Entry)

“That Ryuko, she’s got a great rack!”

– Mako

Oh look. I’m actually on time-ish tonight LOL.

Anyway, here’s an idea that has been bouncing around inside my head for a while now, but I only managed to kinda figure it out today. Possibly because I am still not over the latest episode of Kill La Kill, and also possibly because I might feel a slight need to apologize for yesterday’s chainsaw-wielding-dragon-thing. *cough*

So yeah, here’s our Hallelujah Girl, Mako Mankanshoku as a member of the Violet Lantern Corps. I really believe that this might just work LOL.

In the meantime, I tried to make her costume a teeeeeeeny little bit more conservative, compared to the other members of the Corps, because as Mako herself has said in episode 16, “I don’t have the resolve to go nude yet, but what I DO have is the desire to be Ryuko’s friend forever!”

I love her so much. ❤

Credits for Images Used: Galaxy background | Corps symbol

Let’s Watch! Kill La Kill Episode 18

kill la kill episode 18 reaction mind blown dragon rainbow chainsaw ragyo satsuki ryuko


So. Kill La Kill episode 18.



Anyway, here’s a drawing of my brain after watching episode 18.

Good job, Trigger. 😀

What If: Tilda Swinton cosplayed as Ragyo Kiryuin

tilda swinton ragyo kiryuin cosplay tildren revocs covers ceo painting rainbow prism


RISE, TILDREN. From the moment man first gained free will, he covered himself in the sin called clothing.

– Tilda Kiryuin, Kill La Kill (in my mind)

So earlier this morning, I had a random brainfart which I posted in Plurk, and the discussion went on and on until finally, my friend Jyli brought the topic to its highest point when he said, “Tilda Swinton would also KILL IT as Ragyo”.

And then my little weaboo heart just EXPLODED.

Two things that I love, Tilda Swinton (RISE, TILDREN!) and Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill La Kill (OMG HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN EPISODE 16???)… together. In one beautiful, AWESOME/FEARSOME, glorious vessel… I couldn’t take it, I just had to see for myself,  and so I did a five-minute Photoshop hackjob using the first images I found in Google Image Seach. But it just wasn’t enough. I was ashamed and I knew that I had to try harder, even if it’s not much of an improvement in the end, I HAVE TO TRY.

And this is what we get. XDDD

And before anybody goes nuts, just so you know, in today’s doodle/reimagining, I painted over an actual photo of Tilda (because the last thing I wanted to mess up was her gorgeous face). So yeah, only the face itself is a photo, and the hair, necklace, feathers and background were all painted in using SAI and Photoshop.


Kill La Kill: Ragyo Kiryuin

kill la kill ragyo kiryuin prism anime manga revocs


What is clothing? Clothing is sin. Man’s original sin. When man ate the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, he became ashamed of his nakedness. From the moment man first gained free will, he covered himself in the sin called clothing.

– Ragyo Kiryuin (Kill La Kill)

And once again, here I am barely making it for today’s deadline LOL. XDDD

Went on an adventure today. Not sure if it will bear fruit or not, but it was a fun adventure nonetheless. So yeah, was kinda tired, so here I am LATE AGAIN. =))))

Anyway, here’s a quick pencil sketch/phone pic/Photoshop hack job of one of my favorite anime characters at the moment, Ragyo Kiryuin, CEO of Revocs, from the series Kill La Kill. There are SO many ways that I find this show so awesome, and I can write pages and pages and pages worth of reasons why I think people should watch it, but I will spare myself (and all of you) from that, and just INSIST THAT YOU GUYS WATCH IT BECAUSE IT’S DAMNED AWESOME AAAAAAAAAAAA /spazz. (DISCLAIMER: Anime is up until ep 13 at the moment. So yeah, it’s not done yet. BUT SO FAR, SO GOOD! OuO)

In the meantime, I have folks waiting for me to finish this post so we can finally watch the episode 3 of Sherlock.