Minecraft End Poem – A narration

Hello. I’m alive (just very tired).

Aaaanyway I made a thing.

I know I’m years late to the party, but I finished The End in Minecraft some time ago, and was reduced into a puddle of tears by the End Poem. I liked it so much that I got it into my head that I wanted to narrate it. Eh. xDDD

So I made this thing because who knew this game can be such a source of affirmation? Video editing and narration are amateur af but here you go lol. I’ll try to do better next time (if there’s a next time) =)))



How to introduce someone to Minecraft

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As I’ve mentioned a couple of days ago, my fiance and I have been spending our time playing Minecraft, with him at the controls, and me as the backseat driver. I’ve also mentioned previously that I wasn’t really into this game because I like having my games’ visuals gorgeous.

Well… we haven’t stopped playing, LOL.

Block by block, we have continued to make various improvements to our mountain-top fortress, and we even dragged a belligerent horse from 4000 blocks away (large biomes are INSANE). We have coordinates to various landmarks written down on the IRL calendar hanging by our IRL doorway. We obsessively preserve our progress by making spare copies of our save game in case of sudden LAVA. It has been awesome, and we’ve been having a really good time.

I think we’ll be playing this particular game for quite a while.

Today, mountain-top fortresses with lava-powered heating systems. Tomorrow, sky bridges. Yeah.

Minecraft, the Anime

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— Minecraft, the Anime

LOL. Been feeling lazy and potato-ish the entire morning and afternoon, so we kinda just decided to slack off a bit for today. Then after a bit of TV, we decided to play Minecraft where my fiance is on the computer, and I go into backseat driver mode. It was glorious, hahaha. XDDD

I’m not really a bit Minecraft fan because I tend to be spoiled when it comes to visuals, and I like games that are pretty. But after a while, I learned to enjoy it, so MAYBE I’m finally wrapping my head around it a little bit. 😀

Anyway, as a result of our team-up, we ended up with a fortress on top of a high mountain, above the clouds, right next to a towering lava fall. We terraformed an area of the mountain, brought up trees and water from the lowlands, started a field, built pens and filled it with animals. I’m most proud of our indoor wheat field (we were so high up in the mountain, that there was snow, and water froze after a few seconds, so you couldn’t really grow anything outdoors).

So yeah, all that has resulted in today’s doodle. Them chickens are cute. ❤