K Watches The Greatest Showman

Reaction comic tiemz! Been itching to make this for a while and finally found the time this weekend lol.

Reaction is mostly over the fact that I love everything else about The Greatest Showman except maybe the story. xDDDD

K watches the Greatest Showman 1K watches the Greatest Showman 2K watches the Greatest Showman 3


Mr. Freedom: Random redhead receptionist

Mr. Freedom Marie Madeleine William Klein John Abbey


Yep, playing some more blog post catch-up. 😀

Here’s another character from the day’s favorite movie, Mr. Freedom. It’s actually just a random character who doesn’t even have a name, I think (unlike Marie-Madeleine from the previous blog post), but I loved how she reminded me of the mascot for Wendy’s Burgers, AND her lines consisted of stuff you’d probably hear a J-RPG NPC say. =))))

In the meantime, I need to get back to work LOL.

Mr. Freedom: Marie-Madeleine

Mr. Freedom Marie Madeleine William Klein John Abbey


Oh man, I have so much backlog to make up for, hahaha. 😀

So yeah, I’ve still been kinda really, really busy with some jobs that I have on my plate at the moment. Again, I’m thankful for the work, but I do feel kinda sad whenever I miss posting here. ;w; So I’ll be trying my best to make up for that.

In any case, today, my fiance made me watch this GLORIOUSLY HORRIBAD MOVIE OF WRONGNESS, Mr. Freedom.  I loved every minute of it (I think I’ve mentioned before that we have a soft spot for bad movies..?). Also, I think this was his revenge for me making him watch Team America: World Police, so I guess we’re square now. 😀

So here’s one of the main characters, Marie-Madeleine. You guys should see this movie. Just be warned that it’s not for the uppity (and yes, it’s from 1969, so things were different back then LOL).

Rocket Raccoon and Groot share a moment

groot rocket raccoon guardians of the galaxy tanuki leaf ent tree




LOL okay, before I spazz out any further… yes, I am very excited for the upcoming Rocket Racoon and Groot Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Unless it’s obvious, I love raccoons, I love tanukis, so there’s no way I can’t fall in love with a raccoon with machine guns, who swears about as much as I do. Oh, and yeah, everybody else. Yeah. *cough* WELL YEAH, THANK YOU, MARVEL! ❤

Anyway, in today’s doodle, I’m… guessing that Groot started playing Super Mario 3, or started watching anime, hahaha! So yeah, he’s now trying to apply a tanuki leaf onto Rocket’s head. =)))

Also, I should note that with tonight’s doodle, I seem to have encountered that feeling, where you’re so proud of your lineart… it’s neat, it’s detailed, and you just really like how it came out… and then your brain reminds you that you need to color those little nook and crannies you so painstakingly drew in.

I am not a clever girl. oTL #artproblems

A Valentine’s Wish from Inspector Bajirao Singham

inspector bajirao singham lion bollywood police cops india movie valentines


Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Here’s a quick greeting from the Chuck Norris of Bollywood, Inspector Bajirao Singham. XDDD

Anyway yeah, to cap off the day, the fiance and I decided to watch the movie, Singham. IT IS SO AWESOME, I SWEAR. In case you’re the type who loves quirky, over-the-top  movies, too, and you haven’t seen this one yet, go grab some like-minded friends, snacks, and maybe some tequila, and go watch this movie. Fun all around, I tell you. 😀

Today’s doodle is a bit of posing practice, I guess, which was inspired by our hero’s signature move, which I have dubbed as “The Singham Slap”. Also featured is his “Belt of Justice”. I wanted to include the “Lamp Post of Righteousness”, but I didn’t have space for it LOL.

Anyway, whichever your Facebook relationship status may be, Happy Valentine’s!  ^_^

Credits for Images Used: Singham Lion Logo | Fire background

Tea Time with Coco and Amelie

amelie Poulain coco chanel Audrey Tautou tea crossover fanart


So for the past few days, the opening notes to La Valse D’Amelie has been looping in my head at almost every quiet moment. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain is one of my all-time favorite feel-good movies, so I thought I’d make a doodle on that today. As I was checking online for reference pics, I ended up spotting another title under Audrey Tautou’s name, Coco Avant Chanel. Curious, I immediately found a copy to watch.

And as a result, we get Coco and Amelie having a nice chat over warm cups of tea and cookies, LOL.

I just found it really amusing that Tautou played both characters so well, and yet at the same time they sort of bleed into each other because Tautou’s gorgeous eyes are on both Coco and Amelie. The downside to this is that while I was watching Coco Avant Chanel, my brain was asking, “Man, why is Amelie smoking…?” XDDD

Anyway, quote used in the doodle is attributed to Coco Chanel.

Good night. ^_^

Credits for Images Used: Brown Paper Texture | Crochet Pattern | Tweed Texture