Random Doodles: Monday Blues

monday blues woman female cigarette smoke redhead ginger lipstick red blue ribbon


Because really. MONDAYS. UGH.

Anyway, yeah, I’ve been lethargic all day and I couldn’t seem to focus on anything. That and a dull headache that refuses to go away. You know that feeling when you get when you finally emerge from 10 hours of nonstop reading? It kinda feels like that. X__x;; So yeah, here’s a bit of doodle. I just really wanted to draw her eyes LOL.



Random Doodle: Art block

art block female blonde red jacket confused cross legged floor drawing blanks leggings boots


Herp. I got nothin’. Hahahahah sorry. oTL

Anyway, I guess this counts more as pose/anatomy practice (which I still suck at…). Girl in the doodle looks nothing like me, but that’s totally how I feel right now: DRAWING BLANKS. XDDD I dunno, it’s just one of those days, I guess, and I’m pretty out of it. I considered adding a speech bubble to this doodle, until I realized that everything that I wanted to add to it were composed of expletives, one way or the other. Ehe.

In the meantime, gonna go rewatch Battle Royale with the fiance. Been a while since I last saw it, so yeah.