Leanansidhe’s New Dog?

leanansidhe fae summer court dogs sheebz shibe harry dresden


LOL sorry, kinda still under the weather today, so here’s a silly piece of Dresden Files fanart.

Yes, that’s Leanansidhe of the Summer Court Winter Court (Edit: Thank you to /u/bobthesatyr for pointing that out. I blame flu medication for this boo boo. Mab will kill me. I am so sorry. oTL) wondering what sorcery she is witnessing. Yes, that’s Sheebz (I LOVE SHEEBZ) being adorable. Yes, that’s supposed to be Harry Dresden. Running away. Again. XDDD

I’ll try to do better tomorrow. I hope.

Good night.


Pusheen, Sheebz, and pie <3

pusheen cat shiba inu dog sheebz pie food cute kawaii round pets


Uh…. so  yeah. Just a quick post today. It’s been a long day of adventure, and I’m quite tired (plus the fluctuations in temperature is totally giving me a migraine right now…).

ANYWAY, a friend has informed me that his soon-to-be-eight-year-old daughter has recently discovered Pusheen (thank you, Claire Belton), and has decreed that our favorite animated rolly-polly feline should be friends with Sheebz (thank you, nargyle). And what better way to cement a friendship than with pie.

And with that, I think I’ll take a Tylenol and lie down.