Literally Show-Stopping Crossovers: Sherlock and Hannibal

sherlock hannibal lecter will graham crossover detective investigation case solved fanart


Giving the storybook look a short break to make way for a quick brainfart: WHAT IF SHERLOCK MET WILL GRAHAM?

Well, for one thing, we’ll probably have to cancel the succeeding seasons, no? XDDD The thought wouldn’t leave me alone the whole day, so I had to get  it out of my system. Meanwhile, now that Sherlock S03 is more or less over (?), I’m now looking forward to Hannibal S02. Because Mads Mikkelsen, that’s why.

Oh, and don’t get me wrong. I’m not yet done with the whole storybook-ish-crinkly-paper-background stuff. Yes, I MAY be enjoying myself a little too much with it. But hey, everyone’s gotta unwind, right? Mmmm…. crinkly brown paper. Just imagining it relaxes me already. ♥



Somebody please help Will Graham.


Sherlock and John’s Night Out

drunk sherlock and john sign of three deaded


Almost didn’t make it again for today LOL. I dunno what’s up with today, but I seem to have spent most of it either being sleepy, or falling asleep. O_e;;;

So yeah, anyway, sorry, but today we’re getting a hastily-drawn drunk Sherlock and John Watson (and yes, I just watched Sign of Three last night). This series keeps getting better and better. XDDD

In the meantime, good night. Zzzzzzz….. -__-

Molly and the Empty Hearse

Sherlock and Molly Hooper in the Empty Hearse fanart


So. I just finished watching Sherlock Season 3 Episode 1, The Empty Hearse.


Okay, will expound on that later, but PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who had MEGA MOLLY FEELS????

Anyway, made this doodle because I was fascinated how in one scene, Molly’s red scarf stood out so sharply with Sherlock’s blue one.  Yeah.