Random Doodle: Ladies and Gentlementacles

ladies gentlementacles victorian gown gentleman ball dance curtsy steampunk tentacles octopus


Hehe another late post today. It’s been a busy weekend, PLUS I sort of burned out my brain watching gloriously horribad movies for a better part of the evening as I was working on some other projects (and yes, we totally have a soft spot for B movies, with their bad acting, horrible dialogue, laughable special effects, attempts at plot, and just the plain JOY IT BRINGS. Yes, I admit, it’s an acquired taste, but it’s FUN, trust me on this).

Anyway, today’s doodle is inspired by the username of a redditor that I saw while I was reading comments on some story on /r/nosleep. I guess it just sort of stuck with me, so I decided to do something about it LOL.

Also, I promise this will be the last of the storybook-paper-texture-background doodles. For now. XDDDDD

Credits for Images Used: Brown Paper Texture | Crochet Pattern | Tapestry Pattern


Random Doodle: Cake or Death

victorian steampunk man cake or death eddie izzard monty python spanish inquisition goggles tea chair



LOL still finding myself enamored with the cartoony style and the paper texture, so I decided that I wanted to make another one since I’ve been having fun with it. ^_^

Anyway, I’m not even sure whether I should Categorize today’s doodle as “Random Doodles” or “Fanart”. It’s the result of me associating Eddie Izzard’s famous line with Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition.

I don’t know why, either.

Maybe my brain decided on its own that at least one of the members of the Inquisition has decided to switch religions at some point? Because nobody expects death death death death death death death death LUNCH death death death death death death AFTERNOON TEA…

Credits for images used: Paper Texture

Random Doodle: Clockwork Cats

black and white steampunk clockwork cat feline profile


LOL it’s been another one of those days when all I wanted to do was SLEEP, which also means that it’s been another day when I had no idea what the heck to post for today.

Yeah, this whole post-a-day challenge is pretty hard and intimidating (STOP SNICKERING…), but I remember reading somewhere that it’s OUR responsibility to keep ourselves inspired. So I try. It’s a b**ch, but I try, haha.

Anyway, I’m in a steampunk-ish mood today, and I decided that my whole day has been spent thinking about how nice it would be to just curl up and sleep for sixteen hours like a cat. So I drew cats. GENIUS, I KNOW. =)))))

I’ll try to do better next time. ^_^;;;