Random Doodles: Expressions Meme… Tumblr style.

expressions meme tumblr emotes practice moods


Whoops. Late posting. Hehe. Anyway, so I found this expressions practice/meme thing over at Tumblr, so I thought I’d give it a shot. LOL.

… well, actually… I was supposed to post something else. However, right before today’s doodle practice, I watched the movie Her with my fiance, and MY BRAIN AND MY FEELINGS JUST GOT BULLDOZED, STEAMROLLED, BEAT UP, TASERED, SET ON FIRE, AND TOSSED OUT AN 80-STORY WINDOW.


Yeah, this movie… it hit so deep, and I’m totally still reeling from it, so I decided to just do something quick, light, and sort-of-brainless for today LOL.

Go watch this movie, btw. Watch it with someone you love. ♥