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It’s been a week since I first got my hands on The Wolf Among Us (Chapters 1 and 2), and to be honest, I still have it in my system. Chapter 3 can’t seem to get here fast enough, LOL.

So yeah, today, here’s one of my favorite lines from Chapter 1.

Don’t worry, Bigby. I know you’re doing your best. ❤

Sweet dreams. ^_^


Let’s Play! The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us Telltale Games fanart reaction video games Vertigo Fables Snow White Big Bad Wolf Bigby


I guess I should mention that prior to our recent Minecraft binge, another friend of ours insisted that my fiance and I finally sit down and play The Wolf Among Us, a title from Telltale Games. To be honest, I knew NOTHING of this game other than it features characters from the Vertigo graphic novel series, Fables, of which I am a big fan of. I never read any reports about it, never watched videos, trailers, ZILCH. NADA.

So yeah. We sat down and basically did a three-headed playthrough, with one person at the controls, and two others shouting contradicting responses/instructions (which led to many confused, panic, hilarious moments).

By the time we finished the game… well… I think the mini-comic tells it all. XDDDD

All in all, The Wolf Among Us is a GORGEOUS game. So far, the storytelling is also strong, and I believe that it does a good job of reinforcing the characters from the graphic novels and adding to their flavor, which is tricky and very few other tie-in titles manage to accomplish.

In any case, I’m happy to report that the laptop is safe and unharmed, and ONWARDS TO CHAPTER TWO! 😀

PS: I should clarify that the reaction in the last panel is a POSITIVE thing because I was so, so invested in the story that when THAT happened, it was just such a punch to the gut. Amazing work right there. 😀