Bonus post: Amiable Loki likes EVERYBODY!

LOL. So I had a little too much fun with the paper cut out Loki. Sorry. XDDD

amiable Loki avengers tom hiddleston

amiable loki avengers tom hiddleston rei ayanami

amiable loki avengers okami amaterasu tom hiddleston

amiable loki avengers tom hiddleston okami waka


Amiable Loki watches Hannibal

loki tom hiddleston hiddles asgard thor avengers hannibal mads mikkelsen


UGH. SUPER LATE POST. Like, nine hours late because of reasons. T__T

Anyway, yesterday was pretty busy (and stressful), and I just really needed some sleep, which is why I’m just posting this now. I don’t plan to miss any posts, though, since this blog has turned into one of my bastions of sanity.

In the meantime, here’s something simple today. I’m just comforting myself with some TV time with my favorite Asgardian. He’s “Amiable Loki” from now on. LOL. I’m thinking of posing him with a bunch of other characters/things, just to see him say how much he likes it. XDDDD

(And yes, episode 2 of Hannibal season 2 is out, you guys!)