Day of Hearts

Yes, I’m STILL playing around with the silver pen and black pad, and yes I still most definitely love making little patterns on stuff lol.

Here’s a little something for Valentine’s Day 2016.

Light and love, everyone. ❤


A Valentine’s Wish from Inspector Bajirao Singham

inspector bajirao singham lion bollywood police cops india movie valentines


Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Here’s a quick greeting from the Chuck Norris of Bollywood, Inspector Bajirao Singham. XDDD

Anyway yeah, to cap off the day, the fiance and I decided to watch the movie, Singham. IT IS SO AWESOME, I SWEAR. In case you’re the type who loves quirky, over-the-top  movies, too, and you haven’t seen this one yet, go grab some like-minded friends, snacks, and maybe some tequila, and go watch this movie. Fun all around, I tell you. 😀

Today’s doodle is a bit of posing practice, I guess, which was inspired by our hero’s signature move, which I have dubbed as “The Singham Slap”. Also featured is his “Belt of Justice”. I wanted to include the “Lamp Post of Righteousness”, but I didn’t have space for it LOL.

Anyway, whichever your Facebook relationship status may be, Happy Valentine’s!  ^_^

Credits for Images Used: Singham Lion Logo | Fire background