Practice: Pinup Girl Recolor


LOL I was bored. =))))

Eh, I needed to practice anyway. XDD In this one, I was trying a different way of coloring. Instead of my usual fill with flats > new layer for shadow 1 > new layer for shadow 2 > new layer for highlights etc etc, I tried coloring using masks. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve become a fan of Yuko Shimizu (NOT the one associated with Hello Kitty…), and her coloring method. … … which I cannot seem to make heads or tails of despite her many blog posts about her process. T___T;;; HELP.

In any case, I might try recoloring this again at some point, using a different method… once I figure out what to do haha :p For now I’m kinda proud of the sheen on the hair. You can see it if you kinda squint a bit…

For comparison:


Back to Basics: Pinup Girl

Hi. It’s been a busy month again lol. Currently have a bunch of stuff lined up, and on top of that are all the other things that my husband and I need to get done around the house and all that. And of course there’s the whole daily living, plus five cats thing. So yeah. It’s been pleasantly busy. =)))

Anyway, lately I’ve decided that I needed to get back to the basics. I mean, as much as I want to start producing masterpieces one after the other a la Artgerm, I’ve finally (it took me long enough, no?) come to terms with the fact that my fundamentals are lacking. Instead of trying to get fancy with Photoshop brushes as I normally do, I figured, let’s go back to that thing I used to do waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when I first started drawing, back in high school: SMUDGING PENCIL LEAD. =))))

In the meantime, I’m also trying to be much more careful with anatomy and proportions, which… I admit… I have been taking way too much liberty with over the years. This is mostly because I (wrongly) convinced myself that since I usually draw in anime/manga style, it meant that I can just so whatever the hell I wanted and call it “my style” AHAHAHAH yeah I’m a dumb kid. HERP.

So here’s a quick one to get started. I opted for this because a.) I love vintage pinup girls, b.) I adore victory rolls, c.) I enjoy shading hair. It seemed like a win-win at the time. =)))

PS: I used a reference image for the hair. I looked it up via Google Images, but I can’t seem to find it again now. Sorry. >__<;; Anyway, in the original, the model was holding a soda bottle up. … yeah I got too lazy to draw that bit lol

“At small parties there’s never any privacy…”

great gatsby jordan baker Elizabeth Debicki flapper retro vintage pearls patterns


A bit of sketch practice today. I was watching the first few scenes of The Great Gatsby earlier, and there was this particular scene where Jordan Baker (played by Elizabeth Debicki) was playing with her strings of pearls. There was just something about that REALLY REALLY short shot that fascinated me. I think it was the way that her fingers moved as she was just chillin’ and reclining on the sofa. Considering how bad I am at drawing hands and feet, I just really wanted to give it a shot. XDDD

…  my deepest apologies to Debicki fans. I know this doodle does her no justice. ;w;

Credits for Images Used: Pattern 1Pattern 2Pattern 3

Random Doodle: Lounge Singer

Retro vintage lounge singer smoky eyes victory roll pinup rose in hair


We’re going vintage today, LOL.

I’m actually a big fan of everything from the early 1900s to the 50s (minus perhaps certain social issues and norms of those eras…), so victory rolls, pin ups, poodle skirts, leather jackets, et cetera, I love ’em. This is also why I love games that draw from these themes, which in turn, is also why I’m nuts for franchises like Fallout and Bioshock. And then THIS explains why and how I can spend the whole day listening to the Bioshock Infinite OST, music that always brings to mind images of lounge singers under a spotlight, pianists, big bands, swing, detectives in fedoras… You get the picture, no?

Anyway, yeah, I’ll stop blabbering. *cough* I’ve been wanting to try out something vintage-pin-up-ish for a while now, but it’s only been today that I finally decided to give it a shot. This is my first attempt at it, so… please be kind. ;w;

As usual, image is brought to you via phone pic and a bit of level-tweaking in Photoshop. LOL

In the meantime, I think that Blizzard has finally heard my prayers, and I just got my Hearthstone closed beta invite today, so I’ll go check if maintenance is over. 

Laters. 😀


I would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate: drawing non-weird-looking boobs is HARD. Just sayin’.