How the weather affects productivity

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So summer has pretty much started creeping up on us here in Manila, and the days have been getting really warm and humid. So when it started raining yesterday, and we were getting cool winds and nice temperatures… a change of plans occurred LOL.

Well, I’m making up for it now LOLOLOL TOTALLY WORTH IT. ❤


Random Doodle: Temperature is relative

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So according to Wunderground, evenings in Manila have been hitting lows of between 23C to 20C, and YES, I have TOTALLY been feeling that. … I’m not so sure about my fiance, though. T__T (For rhose who don’t know yet, I’m an islander to the bone, while my fiance hails from the cold mountains of Northern Italy…). Sigh. Oh well. Cuddle weather, whooo! \o/

LOL just something quick today because the (relatively) lovely temperatures have been detrimental in my glorious quest to leave the couch and do anything productive.

Ehe. ♥