iPad Practice: Persona 5 – Futaba

july 5 persona 5 futaba fanart ksolaris tanukidoodles



Ah, sorry I haven’t been posting for like, a full year. I do have this bad habit of starting blogs that I end up never updating. I’m really trying very hard to kick that habit. T__T;;

Anyway posting up some doodles.

I recently decided to get myself a cheap, secondhand iPad 4 and a Pencil by FiftyThree stylus. I can’t afford a new tablet right now, and my old one is REALLY shot at this point, but I’ve been hankering to make digital drawings again.

So yeah, cheap, old iPad it is hahaha. xDD

To be honest, the only other time I’ve ever owned an Apple product before this is maybe… an old Shuffle and a very old iPod Touch. HERP.

For now, here’s me trying to get used to the feel of drawing on an iPad. Everything still feels clunky to me right now, but hopefully it gets better eventually.

(Made with Procreate)


Let’s Watch! Kill La Kill Episode 18

kill la kill episode 18 reaction mind blown dragon rainbow chainsaw ragyo satsuki ryuko


So. Kill La Kill episode 18.



Anyway, here’s a drawing of my brain after watching episode 18.

Good job, Trigger. 😀

Pretty Sailor Soldier Queen Elsa

Frozen Queen Elsa Disney Sailor Soldier Sailormoon crossover fanart


Phew. Been a long, busy, busy day. Plus I’ve been cramping haha. BLEHRHGR. X__x;;

Anyway, today’s random brainfart has produced PRETTY SAILOR SOLDIER OF LOVE AND JUSTICE, AND NOT MARRYING STRANGE MEN YOU JUST MET, SAILOR ELSA! 8D (Disney, Kondansha, Toei, etc, please don’t sue me.)

LOL, trying out a different style of cartoon proportions that I’ve been seeing around, though I’m not quite sure if I got it right. Also, a very quick coloring job because I need to take painkillers and lie down. Belligerent ovaries are quite a pain in the… well… ovaries.

PS: Look! I’m actually posting at 3am instead of 4am! PROGRESS! \o/

Credits for images used: Snowflake pattern

Random Doodle: Don’t you just hate it when this happens…?

art block don't you just hate it when artist comic ideas 3am


And at 4am, I’m finally typing this all down for posting. LOL.

Oh man… On one hand it was a very enjoyable day (for a Monday), and I had this whole drawing that I planned out and wanted to do, and I was all, “IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME” and all that… Then some things I needed to do ended up taking longer than I thought it would, and I have to tell you right now, that staring at a blank page in my sketch book at 2:30am on a weekday reminded me way too much of my college days. Way too much. oTL Me and my wonderful time management skills. Sigh.

For about 10 minutes, I contemplated just skipping this day and not posting at all. And that kinda scared me, so I figured I had to really try.

So anyway, for today, here’s a visualization of what I’m pretty sure is gonna happen to me the moment I get comfortable in bed. LOL.

Random Doodle: Quiet Moments (aka, server maintenance)

sexy girl gamer elder scrolls online waiting maintenance bed smile


Late post today because VIDEO GAMES.

Which meant that I’ve had only about four hours of sleep, and I’ve been staring at a computer screen for the better part of 48 hours. Which means that I also managed to give myself a mega-migraine. But I don’t care. It was worth it.

For now, I’ll leave you with this (lazy mouse potato shading care of the Burn tool in Photoshop LOL).

Now, to sleep this off and prepare myself for the home stretch of beta test weekend. YEAH. 8D

Random Doodle: Wrong valley, girl…

manila female social climber valley girl street food fishball konyo fake betamax


LOL Feeling a little under the weather today… and I’m not sure if the fact that I blame the crazy weather  these past few days will now officially turn that into a literal statement. So yeah, I don’t really have much energy right now.

Anyway, today’s doodle is a depiction of something I encountered this afternoon on the way to the convenience store to pick up some supplies. This obviously-Filipina lady was talking obnoxiously/loudly to her friend, in this fake valley girl accent, complaining about how hot it is in Manila, unlike so-and-so city she’s supposedly been to. How I wish I could say that this was some sort of funny act she was putting up for her friend. All this was happening while the two of them were standing in front of a fishball cart, sipping soda in little plastic bags through flimsy plastic straws.

I was annoyed (I was already not in a good mood to begin with, since I was kinda sick), but I wanted to laugh right then and there and let her know how it was so hard to take her seriously while she was hungrily munching on a piece of betamax. It just seemed so surreal, you know?

Going back, after naming as many cities as she could in one breath, her friend suggested that they duck inside a nearby coffee shop since it had air-conditioning. What came next was a litany of reasons on why Little Miss Jetsetter couldn’t have coffee at that place, which basically boiled down to “I have no money.”

THEN, I laughed. I dunno if this was just extra-funny because I was already loopy to start with. But yeah. Affectations. Gotta love ’em.


Random Doodle: Art block

art block female blonde red jacket confused cross legged floor drawing blanks leggings boots


Herp. I got nothin’. Hahahahah sorry. oTL

Anyway, I guess this counts more as pose/anatomy practice (which I still suck at…). Girl in the doodle looks nothing like me, but that’s totally how I feel right now: DRAWING BLANKS. XDDD I dunno, it’s just one of those days, I guess, and I’m pretty out of it. I considered adding a speech bubble to this doodle, until I realized that everything that I wanted to add to it were composed of expletives, one way or the other. Ehe.

In the meantime, gonna go rewatch Battle Royale with the fiance. Been a while since I last saw it, so yeah.